Application Inspector Report


Welcome to the Microsoft Application Inspector Report. This report represents the analysis results for the specified source code. It contains features identified from a large variety of common characteristics including security and privacy characteristics, and other attributes to answer the question 'What is in the code?'. The tool can help validate purported component objectives using identifying patterns as well as detect feature changes between software component versions and even be used in automation scenarios.

Why it's different

Knowing what is in your software is the first step to making informed choices about what actions are appropriate before allowing it to be include as part of your application in customer environments. Unlike a typical source code static analyzer, Application Inspector is judgement free, focusing instead on helping inform security and other scenarios by surfacing details that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Application Inspector Functions

Analyze Scan source files for characteristics
Tag Diff Compare identified tags (features) between source versions or components
Tag Test Test source files for the presence of specific tag identifiers
Tags Export Tags
Verify Verify rules structure

Report Contents

Feature are identified as "tags" found in the rule definitions which are customizable JSON files found under the 'rules' folder. Many characteristics are simply reported as "meta-data" which are not features in the code per se but are other attributes about the source that were detected which can be found in the Summary section.
For more information, please visit our GitHub page to review the Application Inspector user guide, documentation, and source code.

Report Summary

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Project Info



Application targets or packaging detected.

Characteristic Detected Value(s)
Application Types
Package Types uncompressed compressed
Output Types
File Types xml clj yml
OS Targets
CPU Targets

Tags List View

A complete and simple list view of the unique tags found and matching rule. Click a tag on the left then click the rule name link shown on the right to view the source code location of the match. See the Features menu for an alternative illustration of the major features detected.

Tag Counters

Selected set of tags for counting the number of occurrences found in the scanned source code. These may be excluded from detailed matches identified in the general report yet still get "counted" as specified in preferences/tagcounters.json.

Rule Tag Count Include as Match
Metric.Code.Class.Defined 0 false
Metric.Code.Function.Defined 30 false
Metric.Code.Exception.Caught 8 false
Metric.Code.HTMLForm.Defined 0 false
Dependency.SourceInclude 0 false
Miscellaneous.CodeHygiene.Comment.Todo 60 false
Miscellaneous.CodeHygiene.Comment.Fix 0 false
Miscellaneous.CodeHygiene.Comment.Suspicious 0 false
Metric.Code.Logging.Call 6 false
Metric.Code.URL 88 false

Application Features

View key characteristics organized by Feature Groups. Click any active icon below or expand a feature group to view additional details. A disabled icon indicates a 'not found' status. Click a Rule name on the right to view where a specific feature was found. The full set of unique identified features can be found under the Summary menu.

Feature Groups

 Select Features
 General Features
 Active Content
 Data Storage
 Sensitive Data
 Cloud Services
 OS Integration
 OS System Changes

Associated Rules

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